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How to deal with defensive people PDF Print E-mail

Defensive PeopleA co-worker responds with anger whenever someone disagrees with him. A husband retreats into silence whenever he gets into an argument with his wife. An employee buries her boss in piles of irrelevant information whenever she is asked a question.


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Two different ways of approaching Conflicted Situations PDF Print E-mail

Green ZoneIn conflicted situations, choose to adopt an open and non-defensive problem-solving communication strategy in which you openly listen and communicate honestly, with no blame and no deliberate emotional button pushing. Instead, you define the issues and interests and search for mutually satisfying, creative solutions to the problem.

Culture and Red Zone Training PDF Print E-mail
In her book The Argument Culture, Deborah Tannen presents a powerful case that many cultures approach problem solving as if they were going to war. Approaching situations like warriors in a battle leads to the assumption that intellectual inquiry and problem solving is a game of attack, counterattack, and self-defense. Critical thinking gets redefined as a weapon called criticizing. Problem solving gets framed as a battle or game in which winning or losing is the main concern. When we approach conflicted situations with this underlying attitude, internally it triggers our biological Red Zone physiology that then reinforces our Red Zone attitudes and strategies. Opposition may be appropriate from time to time, but the scale is off balance.
How to get Certified PDF Print E-mail

Get Certified!Radical Collaboration Trainer Certification is a higly interactive seven-day course designed to teach individuals how to lead the three-day Radical Collaboration workshop. It is also a helpful follow-up experience for individuals who have taken the three-day Radical Collaboration workshop and want to strengthen their own personal skills.

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