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Suggested Workshops

Radical Collaboration® Workshop

This three-day, highly interactive workshop is designed to teach people five very practical and immediately useful skills essential to building collaborative relationships between individuals and within teams and organizations. It is appropriate for anyone whose circumstances have the potential for disharmony, misunderstandings and conflict, and who would like to improve their effectiveness. It is also particularly helpful for individuals responsible for creating more collaborative environments within a team or organization.

Radical Collaboration Trainer Certification Workshop

Radical Collaboration Trainer Certification is a higly interactive seven-day course designed to teach individuals how to lead the three-day Radical Collaboration workshop. It is also a helpful follow-up experience for individuals who have taken the three-day Radical Collaboration workshop and want to strengthen their own personal skills. This is a particularly helpful course for external and internal consultants and trainers who want to build more collaborative workplace environments, or who want to teach the three-day Radical Collaboration workshop. It will also benefit coaches who are helping others become more collaborative or more skillful at conflict resolution. Participants prepare and deliver training modules from the three-day Radical Collaboration workshop. They are videotaped and receive feedback based upon their presentation.

The three-day Radical Collaboration workshop is a prerequisite to this course.